Find A Home Remedy For Toothache That Works

When a toothache strikes from out of nowhere, the pain and discomfort can be mind blowing! Not surprisingly then the seeking out of a home remedy for toothache becomes a priority that will consume the sufferer.

What must first be established before a home remedy for toothache is looked for, is what is causing the toothache. Typically most toothaches are either caused by decay, a blow to the mouth or sinus problems. Establishing which of these it is, will go a long way to curing a toothache.

If there has been a blow or injury to the mouth and this is the reason for the toothache, then the first thing to do is to deal with any bruising and pain. Rinse and gargle the mouth with a warm water salt wash. As the name suggests, simply add salt to warm water and gargle. This will begin the healing process for any bruising or injury within the mouth and so help the tooth recover. What should then be done, especially if there is any swelling or the pain continues, is that the area of pain should be iced. Simply hold an ice cube at the point of injury and this will not only help to reduce the pain by numbing the nerves, but will also help reduce swelling.

Another home remedy for toothache that works well is oil of cloves. This oil will work by numbing the pain. What you must be careful of though is to use the oil as directed because there can be problems if the oil is overused or is not applied correctly. So, if you’re looking for a temporarily ease of the pain, oil of cloves will do the job.

Now, there is a reason that many toothaches occur at night. This is because our heads are low on the pillow as we sleep. Pressure builds in the head/mouth/sinus region and this is often enough to erupt a sensitive tooth into pain. So raise the head and prop yourself up on some pillows as you sleep.

If the pain is as a result of tooth decay then a home remedy for toothache that works well is gentle brushing of the tooth. Of course this might be easier said than done because the instinct is to stay well away from the tooth, but brushing the tooth might just remove any food or bacteria from the area, that could be making the pain worse.

Without a doubt though, first and foremost it is important that good dental hygiene is practiced at least twice a day to ensure that the teeth and the gums remain healthy and problem free.

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