Rosacea Skin Care Products Are They Necessary

RosaceaThere is currently no cure for Rosacea. Skin care products can help to reduce the redness associated with this condition.

What is Rosacea? It is a skin condition that is often mistaken for acne as it can produce similar symptoms such as redness or pimples. Nobody knows what causes Rosacea but there appears to be a strong genetic link.

The characteristic redness on the nose, cheeks and foreheads can be difficult to cover up. It is important to treat Rosacea as your eyes can become irritated and appear bloodshot.  There is a condition called rhinophyma which often accompanies Rosacea.  The nose may become swollen and enlarged from excess tissue.

Rosacea doesn’t just appear overnight – the condition tends to develop gradually over time and usually doesn’t affect someone until they are over 30.  A good skin care routine is critical to managing this problem as is a good diet.  I know you are probably sick of being told to eat more fruit and vegetables but it is even more important when you have a skin condition. In particular eat more dark coloured fruits such as blueberries and blackberries. They play an important role in keeping your blood vessels healthy and Rosacea is linked to weakened capillaries. Keeping your skin hydrated is also good practice so make sure you substitute water for any coke or caffeine related drinks.

It is prudent to avoid fragranced skin care products as they may irritate the skin. Detergents, alcohol and oils are also on the list to avoid as they can trigger an attack.  Other ingredients to avoid are harsh exfoliants as these can also damage the weakened blood vessels.

Patients with Rosacea are usually quite aware of what can trigger an attack.  Most people suffer if they drink too much alcohol, eat spicy food or sunbathe too often. Others find that eating dairy products can cause deterioration in the condition of their skin.

When buying Rosacea skin care products look for ones that contain green tones as it will help to mitigate the redness.  Choose products that are light and non greasy so they don’t encourage spots.

If you suffer an attack, try Aloe Vera gel to sooth your skin. Or if you fancy using a home remedy, whizz up a cucumber mask. Blend a small piece of cucumber until it becomes totally liquid.  Add a drop of rosemary oil as it is a brilliant antiseptic.  Whisk in an egg white and smooth all over your face but don’t put it near your eyes or mouth.  Wash off using clean cotton wool after 15 minutes.  In addition to being clean, the cucumber should have helped to reduce the redness and inflammation.

Always buy skin care products that have built in sunscreen as exposure to the sun will worsen your skin condition. There are plenty of Rosacea skin care products – two very popular brands are La Roche Rosay and Eucerin Redness relief .

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