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Homeopathic Medicine Another Valuable Tool To Keep You Healthy

Homeopathic medicine is a way to help the body heal itself. Many of our modern medicines work to suppress the symptoms, which makes it nearly impossible for the body to heal the root cause.

For example,when we cough our body is trying to clear out what shouldn’t be there. When we take a cough drop, it makes us feel better but it doesn’t do anything to clear out the infection. By taking something that will encourage a cough we are allowing our body to work properly. Even though this will be more uncomfortable in the short term it is the only way to really deal with the root cause so the cough doesn’t keep coming back.

This form of health care became popular in the 1800’s due to it’s high success rate in treating illnesses of that time such as scarlet fever, cholera, and yellow fever. While still popular in many parts of the world, it’s popularity has faded somewhat in the U.S..

Homeopathy didn’t lose popularity because it didn’t work, quite the opposite in fact, the reputation got tarnished as a deliberate smear campaign implemented by the early version of the AMA. Homeopaths were putting quite a dent in the in the ability of ‘regular’ doctors to get enough patients, so the AMA implemented a campaign to discredit any homeopathic practitioners.

It got so bad that a doctor could lose his license if he even conferred with a homeopath. Eventually the drug companies got involved too since they didn’t want anyone curing illnesses, they just wanted to treat them for a long time since there is a lot more money to be made that way.

Studies conducted in the 1990’s to test the effectiveness of this form of treatment found that out of 107 cases there was noticeable improvement in 81 of them. They even found that this form of treatment was effective for people of all ages as well as animals such as dogs, horses, and cats.

The effectiveness in animals goes a long way to disprove the theory that the success of these treatments is only because of the placebo effect. After all, an animal has no idea what you’re giving them or why you’re giving it to them so they obviously couldn’t fake a response.

Homeopathic medicine has been around for a long time and has a lot of scientific proof to back up it’s effectiveness. If you want to have the best health possible for you and your family you owe it to yourself to at least consider implementing this and other alternative forms of health care with your ‘regular’ health care.

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Medical Home Remedies

There are medical home remedies for just about anything you can think of. Now you may just be in the habit of running to the doctor every time something is wrong and some times that is ok but, maybe next time you should stop and try to fix whatever it is on your own. You could save some money and get better relief than having your doctor prescribe something.

Some people swear by medical home remedies while others will not give them the time of day. There are so many things that you can find around your house to treat annoying little things. Let’s start with something simple like back pain. Now assuming your mattress is not the cause of your back pain you can get some relief by doing some simple stretches or even some strengthening exercises to give your back more stability should alleviate some pain.

Swimming is a good idea too. Not only is swimming great exercise you will be taking some strain off of your joints and back just being in the pool. That should make you feel better right off the bat. Ice is great for reducing any inflammation you may be experiencing as well. Inflammation is a terrible cause of pain, get rid of the inflammation, get rid of the pain.

Some of these home remedies may be a big DUH but sometimes we all need reminders of them can so we save a huge doctor bill.

The common cold is a big one that people need reminders for. If you feel a cold coming on then amp up the amount of vitamin C you take or start taking some if you don’t. Echinacea in pill form or as a tea can be a great help in reducing the severity of the common cold. Some would argue the exact opposite but I have had personal experience with this. Especially with the tea.

Remember back when you got sick as a little person and grandma would come over to take care of you? She would bring ginger ale for your upset stomach, right? Ginger in any form is good for an upset tummy. Other ways to treat you tummy are with peppermint and Chamomile tea. You can drink peppermint tea as well but it may just be good enough to eat a peppermint candy to ease your stomach discomfort.

Sore throats can be eased with a mixture of salt and warm water used as a gargle. You can do this once an hour if you need it. Use about a half teaspoon of salt to four ounces warm water. make the water as warm as you can stand it, gargle and hold it on the back of your throat for as long as you can before spitting it out.

What about another common ailment most everyone experiences at one time or another, heartburn? If the ginger ale won’t do anything for the heartburn you can always try drinking a combination of baking soda and water. Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold. Too cold water may make your stomach cramp up and believe me a stomach that is cramping up hurts like the dickens. Also do not drink the mixture if the baking soda is not completely dissolved. Remember these medical home remedies when you need an inexpensive fix to a minor problem.

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What Is A Natural Health Alternative

It seems as though our Western society is finally waking up to the great potential of natural health alternative, which is simply using natural methods to treat and prevent illness.

These natural treatments could be anything from using herbal remedies, to massage therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, meditation, etc. Basically anything that incorporates only natural methods and that includes a complete approach of mind, body, spirit, and environment to the cure and prevention of diseases.

Prevention is a big part of this concept. Western medicine tends to concentrate only on resolving a problem after it’s started: reactive. Whereas natural approaches focus more on the lifestyle habits that will prevent a problem in the first place: proactive.

For too many years our health professionals would stubbornly and arrogantly refuse to accept anything ‘natural’ could actually work as well as the man made alternatives, which if you really stop to think about is very shortsighted and foolish.

Many of these natural remedies have been around for centuries and there is significant proof that they do work and usually without the unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects of pharmaceuticals.

The truly ironic thing is that many prescription drugs are just man made derivatives of a plant. Basically the pharmaceutical companies found that a certain herb could relieve a illness and they found a way to synthesize the healing properties of the herb and make a man made alternative. All the while denouncing these herbal remedies as ineffectual and potentially dangerous!

The good news is that there is a growing resurgence in the use of alternative medicine. Many main stream doctors are even beginning to incorporate some of these treatments into their practices. It’s not as uncommon anymore for your doctor to actually refer you to a chiropractor, for example.

This new found willingness to try other methods for health care is welcome, and probably inevitable After all, we’ve had some very high profile instances recently of drugs that had FDA approval being recalled. We’ve always known, but took for granted, the many side effects of a lot of the medicines we were being prescribed.

My mother was on so many medications that had so many side effects she had to actually take more medicine to help her deal with the side effects of the pills she was already taking!

With so many people getting back to basics and interested in going green now is a great time to explore the world of natural health alternative. These remedies have been around for centuries and incorporate the whole mind, body and spirit to not only treat an illness but to prevent one as well. Find a doctor locally who has an open mind and is willing to explore all options available to help you stay healthy.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine – Open Your Mind

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) refers to a total body method of healing.  There are two main concepts: the body is a complete organism and the whole organism should be treated, and diagnosis and treatment can only be done after carefully evaluation of all symptoms.

TCM is believed to have started around 4,000 years ago in the area that is now known as China.  While this form of health care is common in Asia, Russia, and parts of Europe, it has a much smaller, but growing, following in the U.S.

In the 1950’s the Chinese government did an analysis of this form of health care and came to the conclusion that it was effective enough to continue it’s use and practice. The effectiveness was so impressive, in fact, that the government encouraged the growth and expansion of this form of health care.  It is common for TCM to be combined with allopathic care (only focusing on the illness and not the total mind, body spirit, directly opposite of holistic care) with great success.

While TCM does have set principles there is a lot of variation with many different schools of thought.  TCM can deliver both general and specialized care.

Here  are the 5 main principles that are adhered to for this form of healing:

1. There are laws that control the universe and you are a part of the universe, therefore, you too must conform to those laws.

2. The Universe is naturally organized and in harmony and if you live according the the laws you will be in harmony too.

3. The Universe is constantly changing so stagnation and lack of change can actually cause health issues.

4. All life is connected which is why this form of health care stresses including all parts of the whole to prevent and treat illness.

5. We are part of the Universe and connected to it.  For this reason it’s important to be mindful of what’s in your environment to keep illness away.

While not everyone is jumping on the traditional Chinese medicine bandwagon more people and even medical professionals are beginning to realize that relying solely on potentially dangerous drugs to relieve symptoms, while not really curing the underlying problem, is ineffectual and short sighted.  It seems as though the best idea is a hybrid combination of both schools of thought.

The bottom line is that you should take some time to learn more about alternative forms of health care, many of which have been around for centuries, with that kind of longevity they must have something going for them!

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Alternative Therapies Do They Work

I don’t understand the medical communities dismissal of alternative therapies. After all, many of these treatments have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. It seems arrogant and short sighted to throw away that kind of experience.

There are doctors who say that there is no proof that these alternative treatments work. But can we believe that? After all, who is performing these tests? More often than not it’s the pharmaceutical companies that are running these ‘studies’.

You have to ask yourself if they would even publish findings that supported the effectiveness of a drug that they didn’t own the rights to manufacture.

With the recent slew of drug recalls, drugs that were originally approved by the FDA, more people seem to be looking for more natural relief, and prevention of illnesses.

The greed of the pharmaceutical companies has even gotten so bad that they are trying to lobby Congress to pass a law requiring prescriptions for all medications, including over the counter, and vitamins.

Can you imagine having to go to your doctor to get a prescription to pick up some One A Day vitamins?

The good news is this negative view of alternative treatments is starting to shift. More and more doctors are starting to recognize the value of a multi pronged system to treat their patients. They are more willing to incorporate natural cures as well as spiritual aspects into their treatment plans.

But again the question is, do alternative treatments work? The answer is, yes, they do. And often with far fewer side effects than their man made counterparts.

Now I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t consult a medical professional if you are ill, particularly if you have a serious illness. But I do think it’s wise to keep an open mind and strongly encourage your doctor to seriously consider other forms of treatments, more holistic approaches.

Many people are fearful of making their doctor mad, or offending them, and they don’t speak up and ask questions. The thing you need to remember is that a doctor, no matter how much you like or trust them, is still only human. They can be set in their ways, and yes, they can even be wrong.

Don’t be intimidated to talk to your doctor about alternative therapies for the treatment and prevention of illness. After all, he works for you, not the other way around. And your health is far more important than protecting your doctors ego.

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Energy Healing – What Is It – What Does It Do – And Does It Work

Energy healing is the principle of re-aligning your internal energy force that can become out of balance due to illness or stress. Some people will literally tap on various parts of the body to re-align your energy. Other’s will re-align your energy from a distance, it could be thousands of miles away.

The two most common types of problems claimed to be cured by this method are phobia’s and addictions.

As you might expect, many of the ‘mainstream’ medical practitioners scoff at the idea of this form of treatment. But still there are millions of people worldwide who claimed to have used this technique and gotten virtually miraculous results.

There is no evidence to suggest that this form of healing is unsafe in any way.

Medical tests have actually been conducted to determine if this type of treatment has any merit. While the results were promising there does still need to be more tests done to evaluate the real effectiveness of this treatment.

Some of the most common treatments for re-aligning your energy are:

Acupuncture. This ancient Chinese method of re-aligning your energy or your Chakras has worked for thousands of years and has millions of converts who swear by it’s effectiveness.

Meditation. This method too has been around for Centuries and with practice, can be used to activate Chakras to keep the energy flow in balance which can help prevent or treat illness.

Many people today are more interested than ever in taking a step back and using some of the ancient health and wellness techniques that have been proven to be effective for centuries. The love affair we’ve had for so long with modern ‘miracle drugs’ is starting to wane. While many of us appreciate our advances we are also realizing that we can advance without turning our backs on other forms of treatments.

Energy healing is just one such treatment. Millions of people worldwide attest to it’s healing powers and even medical professionals are starting to admit that even though there isn’t a lot of scientific proof to substantiate the effectiveness of these techniques that it is certainly worth keeping an open mind. The bottom line is, we don’t have all the answers and there might just be something to all these old practices.

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Naturopathic Medicine – What Is It – Does It Work

Naturopathic Medicine promotes working with the body and it’s ability to heal. A naturopathic doctor (ND’s) have a similar level of education to a ‘regular’ MD, except they don’t have such a high reliance on using man made drugs and they are more interested in preventing illness rather than just treating it.

ND’s encourage using methods like herbal medications, acupuncture, massages, meditation, aromatherapy, to name just a few, in order to achieve and maintain good health. They encourage their patients to take a pro-active stance on their own health care and to make better lifestyle choices.

This approach to medicine encourages the prevention of disease by more of a mind body balance, rather than the ‘closing the barn door after the horse got out’ approach that is more typical of western modern medicine and only relieves the symptoms after an illness has presented itself.

Patients are encouraged to make permanent lifestyle changes to help them live longer, and healthier lives. They are also encouraged to ‘get in touch’ with their body and pay attention to any signs that something is wrong, such as pain.

Many of these early signs wouldn’t show up in the lab tests routinely performed by doctors, and without this confirmation your doctor will often send you on your way telling you that there is nothing wrong. This approach all too often leads to the worsening of a problem that could have been easily corrected if it had been treated early. ND’s will look at your complaints and try to find what aspect of your body is out of balance to help you get relief more quickly so the ailment doesn’t get worse.

Of course many of use have some familiarity with the practices that will help us stay healthy. Below is a list of some of the easy things you can do daily, starting today, that will help prevent illness:

1) Eat better. Avoid too much sugar and fat. Stay away from soda and fried foods. I know you’ve heard this before and I know most of us like our junk food, so if you don’t think you’re ready to cut it out completely just cut way back on it. That is a good place to start. When hungry for something sweet grab a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar.

Remember, you don’t have to be perfect, even small changes can pay off big with better health.

2) Get enough sleep. How much will depend on what your body needs. Most healthy adults will need around 8 hours a night, but that’s not written in stone. Find out what your body needs and then make sure you get that much.

There is nothing on late night t.v. that is so important you can’t miss it. Your health is far more important, turn off the t.v. and get enough sleep.

3) Try to have some fun and unwind every single day, if only for a few minutes. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, our modern world is stressful. It’s vital for our physical and mental health that we de-stress. Something as simple as a little time playing with your kids or laughing with a friend can do wonders for not only your disposition but your health as well.

If you are interested in taking a more hands on approach to your health and keeping illness at bay rather than just treating the symptoms, you should consider learning more about naturopathic medicine. This can be a very important first step in having a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life and it’s an easy step to take.

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