Herpes Remedies – Home Remedies to Treat Herpes

Home remedies are very effective and pain free methods to treat cold sores. Here’s a list of some great home remedies that you can try out when faced with a herpes outbreak.

Ice – Arguably the most effective and pain relieving home method for cold sores. Ice helps reduce redness and swelling associated with an outbreak. It will also alleviated most of the pain of a new outbreak. Icing your lip for 30 minutes a few times will help freeze the herpes virus and kill your sore.

Tea Bags – Tea has antiviral properties that kill the herpes virus and help heal your lip fast. Make a warm cup of green tea and drink it. Afterward, press the warm tea bag on your lip for 5 minutes. Consuming tea will help clean your body out and strengthen your immune system. In turn, your cold sore will heal faster. Pressing the warm tea bag on your lip will help alleviate pain and reduce the appearance of your sore.

Lemon Juice – Lemon juice will help reduce the redness of a cold sore. It is also very effective in drying out the infected area, as this promotes the next stages of healing. Squeezing lemon juice on your lip several times throughout the day will promote faster healing.

Toothpaste – Applying toothpaste on your sore overnight can help it dry out by morning. However, certain toothpastes seem to have a different effect then others. For your toothpaste to be effective it must be able to dry out fairly fast.

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