Winning High Blood Pressure Remedies

There are diverse and varied high blood pressure remedies that are often used to control and manage high blood pressure without the need for resorting to pills and medication from a doctor.  However, everything that is taken and researched, should be done in consultation with a medical professional.

Known as the silent killer, high blood pressure, or to give it its other name, hypertension, is a condition that 95 percent of those who suffer with it don’t even know they have it.  This is because there are a variety of symptoms and warnings that are so varied and diverse, they often times either go unnoticed or are put down as one offs.  Not only that, for some people there are simply no warnings and no symptoms to alert them to what is going on inside their circulatory systems.

But be clear, high blood pressure is a serious condition that can lead to strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure, blindness and so severely affect a person’s quality of life.

No surprise then that many who have been diagnosed spend time looking for high blood pressure remedies that they can use to manage and control their high blood pressure.

One of the key remedies used to control high blood pressure is a change of diet.  The classic high blood pressure diet is one low in cholesterol, salt, saturated fats, meats, sugars and processed foods and high in fruits, vegetables, wholegrain foods and fish and nuts.

Salt should always be reduced since it is high in sodium and and the increase amount of salt in our bodies means that the body will attempt to hold onto fluids to try and dilute the sodium.  This means that anyone carrying excess fluids makes their bodies work harder as it tries to circulate the fluids around the body.  This in turn will raise the blood pressure in the body.  One of the best known and classic high blood pressure remedies then, is to reduce the amount of salt used.

Increasing the amount of potassium that you take into your body is also a winning way to manage high blood pressure.  Bananas are high in potassium, as are oranges, potatoes and milk.  This is why many who suffer with high blood pressure are often advised to eat a banana a day.

A daily clove of garlic eaten raw or cooked is also a well documented way to manage blood pressure, though there is no clear and universally agreed reason why garlic works so well lowering high blood pressure.  However, it is known that garlic reduces cholesterol and this will clearly aid anyone looking for high blood pressure remedies.  Worth noting also, garlic is a great substitute for salt when cooking!

Combine some of these remedies for lowering blood pressure with regular exercise and keeping the body well hydrated and most people have a winning chance of reducing their blood pressure.


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